Are you visiting? Moving to the area? Are you already located here? We invite you to join us for worship! St. Andrew's welcomes people of all faiths, backgrounds, and lifestyle to join us in worship and community life.

Ours is a lively Holy Eucharist service, rich with prayer, music, and both ancient and modern liturgy. In the Episcopal Church, worship is not a performance by skilled professionals for a passive audience. It is the common work of sisters and brothers. We pray and sing together and listen and reflect on God's word. St. Andrew's in the Pines is a welcoming, open, diverse congregation. Children are warmly welcomed and find an extended family in their St. Andrew's home as we celebrate their presence among us.

We believe that we are all a ministering community, rather than a community gathered around a minister. We see ourselves as God's partners in ministry, and we strive to become a congregation in which each one of us recognizes and claims a ministry in our daily lives. We work together to affirm and strengthen the gifts of each member for ministry to one another and to our world.


Pastoral Care




Sunday Sermons
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Worship Ministries
Our lectors read the first two lessons from the Bible and lead the Prayers of the People. If you are interested in becoming a lector, please contact Pastor Jami at 307-367-2674. She coordinates the Rota or assignment schedule for the lectors.

Chalice Bearer (Lay Eucharistic Minister)
The chalice bearers serve the cup during the administration of communion. Although any member of St. Andrew's is eligible to serve, chalice bearing is a ministry that requires licensing from the diocese.

Altar Guild
Our Altar Guild members prepare our sanctuary for worship services and clean up after we have finished. The work is both peaceful and meditative. Teams of two share the duties of setting up the altar. Altar Guild teams serve for a month at a time. Mary Lankford is our contact person regarding altar work.

Ushers greet members of the congregation and visitors as they enter the church, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. During the offertory our ushers bring forward the gifts of bread and wine and money, the fruits of human hands offered to God.

Our lay preachers prepare and deliver sermons. None of our preachers are licensed yet and so work under the direction of clergy. The preachers make a commitment to regular attendance at worship, supporting one another in the preaching group and attending training events as offered.

Home Communion (Lay Eucharistic Visitor)
On some Sundays communion is sent out to the homebound in the parish. Lay Eucharistic Visitors visit people in their homes and in the Sublette Center each week. Home Communion is a ministry which requires licensing from the diocese. If you are interested in pastoral care and outreach, home communions might be a ministry for you. Call Pastor Jami 307-367-2674, to learn more or if you know someone who could use a visit.

Worship Leader (Lay Reader)
Our licensed Lay Readers lead the Sunday worship service in the absence of a priest. To become licensed by the diocese to lead worship requires familiarity with the service and the ability to lead a group of people through that service. Deacon Randy Belton would be happy to talk to you about this ministry.

Bread Bakers
Each Sunday at St. Andrew's for communion we enjoy fresh baked bread. We have a cadre of bakers that sign on for two Sundays in a row to provide bread for the service. A recipe is available, but bakers are welcome to use their favorite bread recipe for this offering. If you would like to join the bread bakers, Sukey Hohl is willing to give a lesson to anyone who might be hesitant.

Youth ages 9-18 are invited to train for service as an Acolyte during worship. Acolytes serve by carrying the cross, Gospel book, torches, banners. They are an important part of the worship service. Pastor Jami trains and assigns responsibilities.

Bishop John Smylie

Bishop John Smylie visits St. Andrew's in the Pines annually.


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