Volume 9, Issue 3

March 2004

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The Vicar's Voice

have been through Ash Wednesday and begun both the inquirers class and the contemplative prayer group. 
One of the great gifts of this parish is its interest in education as lived out through our church school and youth programs.  By the way, if you didn't attend or hear about the Mardi Gras, you missed a great celebration.  But back to what I was starting out to say....With all our attention to the youth, I notice we do not have much in the way of educational opportunities for our adults.  I am interested in working with you all to develop an adult program if there is a need in the community.

During Lent, is also a good time to prayerfully consider this and any other issues facing us as a church or you as an individual.  Available for each family and individual to use in this Lenten Season for daily reading, reflection and activity is a booklet entitled COUNTDOWN TO THE CROSS.  These are available at the church, or if you are unable to get here to pick one up, give me a call and I'll get it to you.
One other thing we have available this Lent is .....remember the old Lenten Mite Box?....well we have a box called a
HOPE CHEST to save coins to offer up for ministry

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Senior Warden's Report

We had a very good visit with our Bishop Bruce Caldwell this past weekend.  On Saturday night, the Bishop's Committee had dinner with him.  Dinner was quite enjoyable.  The bishop is very pleased with our continued successes in stewardship, attendance, and general wellbeing during our interim period.  We should all be proud, and as your Senior Warden, I applaud you all for your efforts.  The Bishop assured me that he would be

as helpful as possible in our search for our new Priest.  Everything is quite upbeat.
Our search committee continues its work.  The task is being done thoughtfully, and as expeditiously as possible.  You will be getting regular reports on progress.
Father Bob has really grabbed the reins and gotten enthusiastically involved in the many facets of the church.  His enthusiasm and abilities are certainly helpful to us during this interim period.  Let

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