Volume 9, Issue 2

February 2004

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The Vicar's Voice

forward to the trip. 
Lent is coming soon (Feb 25th).  We will be ending the season of Epiphany with the Mardi Gras (Feb. 18) and Pancake Supper (Feb. 24) and beginning Lent with Ash Wednesday.  We will be having services at 12:15 PM and 7:30 PM on that day.  This will be a busy season for the church. On Wednesdays throughout Lent we will have a Holy Eucharist at 12:15 PM and a Contemplative Prayer Group in the evenings.  We will also begin Inquirer's class during this time (day and time yet to be determined).  There

will also be events scheduled at other times during this special season of preparation for Easter.
One of the great lessons I have learned from my life of ministering to people, whether in the church, the hospital, the nursing home, or just on the street or in the coffee shop, is that the more I am willing to give and be with people in their journeys, the more I receive in return.  Ministry may be one of those misunderstood terms that can scare us, when in reality it is simply being willing to live out the

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Senior Warden's Report

This first year of my service as your Senior Warden has been varied and interesting.  When Rev. Mary first requested that I serve in this position, I was honored and flattered, but I thought it would definitely be simpler not to serve.  Subsequently, we ran into our budget and stewardship shortfalls.  Upon reflecting, I realized how much the Church had done for me, and how much it meant to me.  
I accepted this position, and immediately sent a request to you members for contributions to solve our seri

ous budgetary problem.  The response was immediate and great.  Between new pledges, increases in existing pledges, and special one-time gifts, we raised more than enough money to meet our budgetary needs.  The response certainly reflected the great resiliency and spirit of this congregation.  Obviously, stewardship is not the number one priority of a church body, but it is necessary to allow us to accomplish our spiritual needs and objectives.  So let us remain constantly aware of our stewardship responsibilities.   
As I attempt to stay

abreast of everything that goes on here, I realize how many people are doing so much.  I will not attempt to itemize all of these efforts, but rather, thank everyone and refer you to the reports presented at the annual meeting January 25.  
After nearly 8 years of service, our wonderful Rev. Mary Caucutt left us to take a position at a church on the East Coast.  After Mary's departure, we filled in with supply clergy, and subsequently with our interim priest, Bob Spencer.  Historically, during

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