Volume 9, Issue 4

April 2004

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The Vicar's Voice

adventure leading up to this day, much of which we have been looking at during Lent.  The real story will unfold in what we call Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday and climaxing with the resurrection on Easter Day.
On Palm Sunday we celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and we read a summary of what will unfold over the next several days.  We see the church decorated with palm leaves and are given palm fronds to remember this day throughout the next year.
On Maundy or Holy Thursday, in memory of Jesus sharing the Passover Meal (Seder), we will join together to partake of Passover Seder.  The meal begins at 6:00 pm and you should bring a covered dish.  Lamb will be provided.  Reservations are needed so call the church soon.  At 7:30 we then move to the Church to celebrate the Holy Eucharist.  This is done in a way that we can vividly see the link between the "last Supper" and our celebration of The Eucharist today.  At the end of the service, we strip the Altar and veil the Cross in preparation for Good Friday.  We also have an all night

vigil with the reserved sacrament.
On Good Friday we will have two services remembering the Crucifixion of Jesus.  The noon service will feature a meditation on the seven last words of Jesus and the evening service (7:30 pm)will center on Good Friday liturgy.
Easter eve will usher in the Great Vigil of Easter with the kindling of the new fire, the entrance of the new light into the Church and Baptisms.  The youth of the church will be involved with this service, reading lessons, prayers, and singing.
On Easter day we will begin our services at St. Hubert the Hunter in Bondurant (7 am) with the Holy Eucharist, followed by a breakfast.  Church on the Slopes at White Pine will be next for the hearty skiers and friends.  Get there a little before 9 to take the ski lift up to the top.   Finally, the Festival Holy Eucharist at St. Andrew's (11 am).
Whew!  I am worn out.  But at the same time I am exhilarated by the journey of the week.  Come join in.
Fr. Bob

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